Based in Monaco, Nicoletta was born into an Umbrian family of Gemmologists.
Nicoletta grew up surrounded by Gems and Precious stones as they became indeed her favourite toys
No stone holds any secrets to Nicoletta.

Is Nicoletta's Label of great success on the Italian Market

Welcome to ORDEPRIX !

ORDEPRIX is a play of words that  describe perfectly NICOLETTA'S Collection  !

The French expressions "OR DE PRIX " ( Pricy Gold )  and "HORS DE PRIX" ( Priceless ), are meanings closely related to  NICOLETTA'S  ART  which is priceless as each and every piece she creates  is  a unique original not to be copied or reproduced.

NICOLETTA'S Collection

This daring collection, entirely dedicated to the world of flowers and noble animals, is the result of Nicoletta's passion for travel and adventure.
Her dash for freedom animates her vision of nature's beauty, the same beauty that is omnipresent in the African continent.
She interprets and reproduces the varying faces of her universe with an incredible wealth of shapes and colours.

Back to her Neapolitan workshop, master craftsmen and highly experienced gems experts apply their utmost diligence to bring to life Nicoletta's, travel inspired, designs.
No cost is spared in the search and procurement of top quality stones and minerals.

Whoever has the privilege to wear Nicoletta's jewelry, will experience a feeling of being wrapped up by an incredible breath of seduction.

The beauty and the rarity of these jewels are the result of accurate and painstaking research that shall never end.